Welcome to the State of Black Chicago Congress

THE MISSION of the State of Black Chicago Congress (SBCC) is to mobilize the community of African descent, in order to develop a plan of action that ameliorates conditions such as the crime and violence, inequitable distribution of educational resources and opportunities, joblessness, slow business development and opportunities, disappearing black media, inadequate youth engagement and leadership development, poor health, and the public’s concern over the involvement of the Black Church.

Ed Gardner Lupe Fiasco
Brenetta Howell Barrett, Rev. Willie Barrow, Dr. Timuel Black, Justice William Cousins, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and Dr. Christopher Reed


Steering Committee :: Honorable Clerk Dorothy Brown

Dorothy Brown photo

Dorothy Brown was elected as the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, in 2000, and has been reelected to two additional terms in Office. Three consecutive victories by overwhelming margins illustrate voter confidence in her abilities. As the official keeper of records for all judicial matters brought into one of the largest unified court systems in the world, Clerk Brown is responsible for managing an annual operating budget of more than $100 million and has a workforce of over 2,100 employees.

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