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THE MISSION of the State of Black Chicago Congress (SBCC) is to mobilize the community of African descent, in order to develop a plan of action that ameliorates conditions such as the crime and violence, inequitable distribution of educational resources and opportunities, joblessness, slow business development and opportunities, disappearing black media, inadequate youth engagement and leadership development, poor health, and the public’s concern over the involvement of the Black Church.

Ed Gardner Lupe Fiasco
Brenetta Howell Barrett, Rev. Willie Barrow, Dr. Timuel Black, Justice William Cousins, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and Dr. Christopher Reed



The State of Black Chicago Congress Steering Committee would like to thank you for taking the time out of your precious day to attend the unprecedented; State of Black Chicago Congress held at the Chicago State University Convocation Center this past Saturday, June 1st. We are still in awe about the overwhelming support! With over 1,000 attendees from the community of African descent, we are certain we are one-step closer to addressing the issues affecting our community and our children.

All of us were greatly warmed by your presence. It was incredibly generous of you to spend an entire Saturday with us, passionately engaging with the panelists to discuss the nine issue areas,(Black Media, New Media, and Technology; Business Development and Opportunity; Crime and Violence; Education Access and Resources; Health; Joblessness and Housing; Politics; Spirituality, Religion, and the Black Church in the 21st Century; and Youth Engagement and Leadership Development), plaguing our community and identifying viable solutions to uplift and rebuild the community of African descent and “Save our Children”. We hope the experience was heart-warming and mystical because it certainly was for each of us.

Nonetheless, we hope that you will be a support in the following years to come. Your insight and contributions shaped the conversation about the issues facing our community.

It would be a pleasure for us if you would continue with your assistance to help the State of Black Chicago Congress become stronger and even better in the near future. Our mission is to mobilize intergenerational groups of leaders from all sectors of the community of African descent in order to develop a bold response to nine issue areas. We hope that you will pledge to involve more community leaders, continue working hard on the aforementioned issue areas, and participate in future meetings of our focus groups to implement the solutions that we discussed at the State of Black Chicago Congress.

We would like you take the post-event survey at: and give us feedback about the panels and solutions presented. Also, please feel free to include a solution that you think is important to one of the issue areas.

In addition, if you have not done so already please go to our website at, and within the Contact Us section, please provide your contact information, and indicate which focus group you would like to join. Please look out for the announcements from the, regarding the focus group meetings.

Warm Regards,

State of Black Chicago Congress Steering Committee

State of Black Chicago Congress Solution Papers

Black Media and Technology

Chairperson: Garrard McClendon, PhD

View Solution Paper

Business Development and Opportunity

Chairpersons: Mr. Jonathan Jackson, Mr. John Roberson

View Solution Paper

Education Access and Resources

Chairpersons: Dr. Michael Toney, Dr. Horace Hall, Dr. Frances Carroll

View Solution Paper


Chairperson: Dr. Linda Rae Murray

View Solution Paper

Joblessness and Housing

Chairperson: Mr. Harold Davis

View Solution Paper


Chairpersons: Dr. Valerie Johnson, Dr. Robert Starks, President Bobbie Steele, Congressman Danny Davis

View Solution Paper

Spirituality, Religion, and the Black Church in the 21st Century

Chairpersons: Pastor Marshall Hatch, Pastor Corey Brooks

View Solution Paper

Youth Engagement and Leadership Development

Chairpersons: Dr. Lance Williams, Corinthia “New Sense” Federick

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